What is your late return policy?

Items must be returned by 10am the following day to avoid a late fee.If an item is returned late, we will charge the applicable day rate according to how many additional days the item is kept in your possesion.

What happens if something is broken on set?

If any equipment is broken on set, please inform us immediately. When you report a broken item we can replace it quickly so you can continue with you production.
Client is responsible for repairs / replacement of items that are damaged while in client’s care.

What happens if you receive non-working equipment?

If any equipment is not working on set, please inform us immediately.
We can replace it or fix it once informed. If we are not made aware of the issue we will be unable to assist and still charge according to the “usage” since it was not reported as unusable.

Do you deliver islandwide?

Delivery is offered around Kingston & St Andrew only.

For other locations, transportation is available for hire for the day.